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Woozworld Quiz Answers

Many of you have been asking for help with the Woozworld quizes so we have put together all of the Woozworld quiz answers for you to take a look at. Although we have the answers for you we strongly encourage you to try the quizzes first with out our help. You may be surprized at how much you can actually complete on your own. It makes it a lot more fun and challenging to do the quiz on your own first.

If you have tried the quizes but you can’t figure out the answers then that is alright. We have all the Woozworld quiz answers for you to check out.

Woozworld Quiz Answers

Woozworld Bengal Tiger Quiz

Below are the eight answers to the Woozworld Bengal Tiger quiz.

1. What is the scientific name for the Bengal Tiger? Panthera Tigris Tigris
2. Which country are Bengal Tigers native to? India
3. True or False: They are solitary animals. True
4.  When a cub is born, are its eyes and ears opened or closed? Closed
5. True or False: Tigers are Canine animals. False
6. One of the biggest threats of its survival is what? Poaching
7. True or False: Genetics are the reason white Bengal Tigers can be found. True
8. True or False: Bengal Tigers are nocturnal animals. True

Giant Panda Quiz Answers

If you are looking for the Woozworld Giant Panda quiz answers don’t worry we have them right here.

1. The Panda’s Diet Is Mostly What Food? Bamboo
2 . The Panda’s Are Endangered Because Of What? Deforestation
3 . In What Country Can They Be Found? China
4 . True Or False : Male Pandas Can Weight Up To 250 Pound . True
5 . Panda’s Live In What? Mountains 
6 . True Or False : Panda’s Hibernate Like A Bear. False
7 . How Many Panda’s Are Left In The Wild? 1500
8 . How Many Pounds Of Bamboo Per Day Does An Adult Panda Eat? 40

Woozworld African Elephant Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the Woozworld African Elephant quiz.

1 . True Or False : There Are Only Two Genera Of Elephant In The Elephantidae Family On Earth. True
2 . True Or False : The African Elephant Is The Smallest Living Land Animal. False
3 . How Many Molars Do They Have? 4
4 . The African Elephant Can Be Found In 3 Areas In Africa , East , South , And What?West
5 . How Many Kilograms Of Vegetation Can An African Elephant Eat Per Day? 450
6 . True Or False : They Are Amongst The World’s Most Intelligent Species. True
7 . What Is The Name Of The Lead Female Elephant In The Smaller Elephant Families? Matriarch
8 . In 2006, The Elephant Population Was Estimated To Be What? 10000

Polar Bear Quiz Answers

Below are the eight answers to the Woozworld Polar Bear quiz.

1 . What Is Its Scientific Name? Ursus Maritimus
2 . True Or False : It’s The World’s Largest Carnivore. True
3 . Most Of Its Diet Is Made Of What? Seals
4 . Constantine John Phipps Was The 1st To Describe The Polar Bear As A Distinct Species In What Year? 1774
5 . The Inuit Refer To The Animal As What? Nanook
6 . In Which Circle Can It Be Found? Arctic
7 . The Polar Bears Most Common Hunting Method Is Called What? Still-Hunting
8 . True Or False : The Polar Bears Fur Is Mostly Purple. False

Beaching Quiz Answers

Below are all the answers to the Woozworld Beaching quiz.

1. True or False: Manatees are herbivores. True
2. The movie “The Little Mermaid” was released in which year? 1989
3. What is the fastest fish in the world? Sailfish
4. True or False: Starfishes have brain. False
5. What kind of fish is Marlin, in “Finding Nemo”? Ocellaris Clownfish
6. What is the average weight of a female Orca Wale? (in tonnes) 4
7. What’s Marlin’s best friend’s name? (the one with a bad memory) Dory
8. Hammerhead sharks range from 0.9 to __ meters long. 6
9. How many tentacules has an octopus? 8

Woozworld WoozAnimal Protector Quiz Answers

If you are stuck then check out all the answers to the WoozAnimal Protector quiz below.

1. how many times higher is the estimated rate of extinction for species now, compared to before humans appeared on Earth? 5, 100 or 1000? 1000
2.True or false: the Dodo birds went extinct more than 300 years ago because humans hunted them too much. True
3. What extremely large animal is one of the most endangered animals on Earth? Whale
4. True or false: Gorillas are endangered because of hunting and habitat destruction. True
5. Rhinos are poached for their: hair, eyes or horns? Horns
6. Which animal was removed from the endangered animals list due to successful recovery efforts: mountain gorilla, raccoon or timber wolf? Timber Wolf
7. How many species of turtles are endangered: 4, 6, or 8? 6
8. Which of the following does NOT destroy natural habitats: building homes, pollution, nature reserves? Nature Reserves

Woozworld One Direction Quiz Answers

If you can’t complete your favorite band’s quiz then get the answers here.
1. Their names are Harry, Niall, Louis, Tom and Zeus. False
2. Liam is scared of spoons. True
3. Louis has braces. False
4. There are six members in One Direction. False
5. One Direction came second on X Factor. False
6. Harry is the youngest.
7. Harry came up with the name One Direction. True
8. What is Niall’s favorite color? Green
9. What do the type of girls that Louis likes eat? Carrots
10. Whats Liam’s favorite movie series? Toy Story
11. Who is left handed? Niall
12. Who can’t swim? Zayn
13. Who likes to play the Ca Zoo? Harry
14. Who plays the guitar? Niall
15. How many sisters does Louis have? Five
16. Who has one brother? Niall
17. Who wrote a song for a girl and thought it was cheesy when he looks back at it? Louis
18. What was Louis’ first pet’s name? Ted
19. Who use to sleep walk when they were little? Zayn
20. Does Harry hate olives? What color car does Harry not like? White
21. Who said, “I’ll never date a model because models are perfect, and perfect is boring?” Niall
22. What movie did Harry think was about food? The Hunger Games
23. What song did Ed Sheeran write for them? Little Things
24. Can Zayn play the Triangle? Yes
25. What Disney Channel show could Zayn sing all the songs to because he watched Disney Channel? Hannah Montanna

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