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Woozworld Glitches

Below you will find some fun Woozworld Glitches that you can do while you are playing Woozworld. Some glitches are cooler than others but try them all to see which ones you like better. We have several for you to check out and try.

Woozworld Glitches

We will explain how to do each glitch and what steps you need to make in order to make it work. Check them out below.

Fireball Glitch

The first glitch is what we call the Fireball glitch. In order to do this you have to complete a couple different steps. First use your arrows on your keyboard to click UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. Then type in “BA” in the chat bar and you should see a Fireball!

woozworld fireball glitch

Mannequin Glitch

First you need to take your clothing items from your inventory and put them on your Mannequin. Then move your Mannequin into your inventory. Now click on your Mannequin and click on the “show content” button. Next, click on the empty shop podz and you will notice that your clothes will be moved from your Mannequin and into your inventory.

The last thing to do is take out your Mannequin. The clothes will still be in your inventory and the clothes on your Mannequin are fake but appear to be real.

Private Chat Glitch

To use private chat type in “/T” and the Woozen’s name before your message. For example, if I wanted to private chat WoozDog360 I would type in the message box the following: /t woozdog360 hello!!

woozworld private chat

This glitch is pretty easy to do and you can private chat any of your friends on the game.

Moonwalk Glitch

One of the best Woozworld glitches is the moonwalk one. There are a couple steps to do here so pay attention. First type /moonwalk into the chat bar. Then press enter or click the ok button found on the right side of the chat bar.

woozworld moonwalk

Next, walk around the unitz and you should be moon walking backwards. If you stop for any reason you will have to retype the phrase into the chat bar to moonwalk againĀ If you keep doing the moonwalk for awhile without stopping you will get some XP!

So far these are all the Woozworld Glitches we have for you. If you know of any other glitches that we don’t have then please leave a comment below to share with us. We will then add them to our page to share with all of our visitors.

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