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Woozworld Monster High Ancient Vampire Heart Quest Places

The newest Woozworld challenge is the Monster High Ancient Vampire Heart Quest and you can find all the hidden places here.

Below we have the entire list of the 40 different places where you can find all the Woozworld Ancient Vampire heart pieces. 40 pieces may seem like a lot but when you know where to look it goes by really fast.

The more Ancient Vampire Heart pieces you find the more rewards you get. If you only collect one heart you will get honey hair. If you collect 14 pieces you will get Viperine hair too. Find 27 heart pieces and you will also get Elissabat hair. Be awesome, and find all 40 Woozworld Monster High Ancient Vampire heart pieces to get Clawdia hair as well.

Woozworld Monster High Ancient Vampire Heart Quest Places

Here are the list of places where you will find all the Ancient Vampire Heart pieces. Just type each name in the search world box on Woozworld. Each unit will appear in the search box when you type in the name. Enjoy!

1.Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action!
2. Honey Swamp TM Quiz
3. woozen quests
4. what the wooz?!
5. Park
6. Style Watch Unitz
7. asteroid
8. Fairy Chamber
9. big Woozen 2- red room
10. Woozworld Help Center
11. Max’s Game show
12. spaceship
13. Venice
14. Ballroom
15. Square
16. Ivibe Centralz 1
17. Ivibe Centralz 2
18. Path
19. Mya’s Fashion Studio
20. Woozguidez center
21. Star-Dome
22. Woozworld skatepark
23. Big Woozen Season 2 – Loft
24. Central Plaza
25. Stylz Shop
26. Romance at Sea
27. Ruins
28. Mausoleum
29. Movie Theater
30. Cave
31. Spider’s Lair
32. Street
33. Avenue
34. Coconut Grove
35. Myas collection botique
36. Haunted house
37. Stop Bullying HQ
38. Big Woozen 2- Blue Room
39. Mya’s late night show
40. Movez it

Hopefully these answers have helped speed up the process for you to collect all 40 Woozworld Monster High Ancient Vampire heart challenge pieces. If you have any questions or can’t find a heart piece please leave a comment below and we will try to help you out as much as we can.

How many Ancient Vampire heart pieces have you found so far? Do you have all 40 pieces yet? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!