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Woozworld Funny Easter Wooztube Contest

Hi there Woozens again. We have some more awesome news to share with all of you! Since it is close to being Easter, Woozworld has come out with a couple different contests that you can enter and earn a chance to win free prizes.

One of this year’s contests is called the Woozworld Funny Easter Wooztube contest and it is the first of it’s kind. The funny Wooztube contest is about creating an exciting and funny short film.

You have the option to invite up to 3 of your Woozens freiends to play in roles on your funny movie. They must wear the Woozworld Eggster collection, either the chick or the bunny in the movie.

If you go to Woozworld they will have a movie tool that doesn’t require a download that you can use to help edit your movie before you submit it for the contest.

Woozworld Funny Easter Wooztube Contest

Below are the guidlines that you must follow in order to participate in the contest.

Your movie must be longer than 30 seconds but shorter than 2:59 minutes. Don’t forget to add a short description when you submit your movie. Tell the Woozworld members what your movie is about in a couple sentences. Also, if you recieved help from other Woozeens, make sure to add their names who helped you. Woozworld members can submit two movies and non members can only submit one movie.

The movei must also be filmed in Woozworld or it will not count. Don’t put any voices or real faces in the movie as both are permitted. You must also follow the Woozworld’s code of conduct meaning no bad language or bullying.

If you are under the age of 13 please ask your parents to upload your video on YouTube in order for it to be posted on Wooztube.

If your movie does not follow these guidelines it won’t be eligible to win.

What Can You Win?

There are several prizes that you can win if you are selected. The director of the winning movie will receive an achievement and title for Wooztube Comedy Winner, a Directorz Trophy and 10 spellz of Chocolat Yeti.

If you were a co-star of the winning movie you will also recieve a prize. You will also receive the achievement and spellz. The top 3 runner up will also get the achievement and the title of Wooztube Comedy Finalist.

Oh ya, and the winning movie will also be promoted on the Woozworld Hot Topics. Son what are you waiting for? Thing of a funny idea and make your video because you could be the first Funny Easter wooztube contest winner. Good luck everyone.