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Woozworld Chefs Oven Cooking Cheats

Do you love cooking and love playing Woozworld? If so, then you will love this new game feature. Woozworld has introduced us with the new Woozworld Chef’s Oven Gourmet cooking game.

woozworld chefs oven cooking

This is a great way to earn prizes and through big parties. So how does this whole cooking thing work you may ask. Don’t worry, we are going to explain it all for you so that you can become a professional cooking chef on Woozworld.

The more you cook and eat the more prizes you can earn. At first, you will only get little prizes but as you cook more you can get a tone of coins and other stuff.

Woozworld Chefs Oven Cooking Cheats

So to become a cook you first need plants and stuff to cook with. To get started you have to grow gourmet ingredients from sweeds. First, buy the seed then plant and harvest them into edible plants. Head over to the Woozworld Store to buy the gourmet seeds.

Next, you need cooking tools to cook with. If you don’t have any, then go to SHOPZ and pick up everything you need. You will need a gourmet machine plus gourmet shapes which are the cooking tools and then you will need the gourmet ingredients.

Once you have cooked something up its time to share with others and eat it. Place your gourmet foods in unitz and invite friends over to try it. You can through some really fun parties this way in the unitz. Just click on the item to eat it and see what cool trick you can do after it.

Did we mention that you can win prizes the more you cook. The more you cook and eat the higher the rank you will get. Of course the higher you are ranked the better the prizes you will get.

So don’t way any longer! Head over to Woozworld right now and start cooking. You can get a ton of prizes by cooking and partying. Good luck my fellow Wooz.